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2020-12-30 10:57:24
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  • jMþ19HxigV4QyBv3tHpQVcUEQyq1pzZVdoAut From: Subject: Bitcoin SV debit card: RelayX Card Body: This is a BIG thing. 😃 The Bitcoin SV (BSV) wallet provider RelayX announced a few hours ago their new product: RelayX Debit Card. It's the first of its kind. At the moment it can be pre-ordered from for 35 USD fee. The first batch of cards is 1000 pieces and they will be delivered (accoding to RelayX's post) at the first quarter of 2021. The card includes some interesting properties: RXC token rewards, and Paymail addresses can be used to top up the card. Date: Fri, 25 Dec 2020 02:14:03 +0200 Writer: kuopassa Uploader: kuopassa Category: English Message: 157 Checksum: cdb72df1d8ccf6437945715ee7163bb1 utf-8