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  • v© ’^ø¯ 7D„·åœNg¤„$“ˆ¬cordQ text/plainMW Create Post poepooberaz @163597 Whats next for BITCOIN SV and Twetch >>> The Final R E P O R T NO.3 Weve seen yesterday that BITCOIN lost 1/5th of its value down 88 dollars from around 100 !!! .Twetch users WAKE UP. This decrease could perhaps be due to the British courts stealing 7 million from Satoshi bank accounts.. We have stated Craig wright will face new criminal charges ,UNLESS Elon Musk bails BSV out. The Bitcoin SV foundation is also effected legally because of their previous statements about SATOSHI read below !!!!!! Courts always "Grab" funds before new proceedings this is a soft approach to ease the bear swipe made against SATOSHI. If all goes to plan their will be no more TWETCH applicaton within a 6 month -3year period as the next victims will be the Bitcoin SV foundation. SEE THE ARTCLE BELOW - NAMING SATOSHI B E W A R E BSV WILL TANK TO PEANUTS SHOULD SATOSHI STAND AGAIN IN COURT ! IF YOU HAVE SAVINGS IN BSV NOW IS A GOOD TIME TO PUT BACK ONTO BCH BEFORE ANY FURTHER TRIAL DATES >>>> SHOULD ELON BUY INTO BSV YOU WILL BECOME MILLIONAIRES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BASE LINE as follows your telling US the entire CIA/FBI world police dont know who satoshi really is/was or whether there still alive ..THINK A group of persons created the Bitcoin white paper ITS UNREAL to say nobody knows who that person(s) are.Another angle is simply no evidence provided by UK police or Mi5 as to who they believe is satoshi or more importantly tax records etc etc of who satoshi is. There can be more than ONE Satoshi therefore Craig wright still has the legal right to be known as Satoshi thats a legal fact !!!! you can have a bitcon gang where everyone is called "2bit".To act onbehalf of another Satoshi a democratic none right wing court would require evidence of the a/effected party - the white paper is the key because the creator(s) are none other than those accountable to Satoshi,therefore ONLY SATOSHI and/or the creators can challenge the ownership or revised development of the Original Bitcoin whie paper...however that cant be done in court without the white paper creators present in court as aa party. Perjury though is different as it is in a sense created by the ideal of a corrupt court hearing so there are charges to lay in the minds and eye of the pyramid. Craig Wright should request a form of forward disclosure from the UK state on who they believe Satoshi is in their minds explaining it is not illegal to call himself satoshi even if others have also done so previous or at the same time he created the name SATOSHI, then explain in law a court cant represent other partys not known in copyright infringement without permission. For Elon this is a piece of cake for Twetch users its a "bit" 2 BAD. W.W.V fighting for whats left....E.R. W.W.V will never ever again appear upon Twetch as W.W.V Twitter and Twetch sound similar ?! The Myth of Decentralisation Dr Wright began his presentation by referring to one of his statements as Satoshi Nakamoto in 2010 when he stated that the code is set in stone and that there’s a reason why money is a protocol that doesn’t change. The reason for these statements is the fact that someone who can decide to change the protocol, also controls the network. Therefore, decentralisation is a mere myth in Ethereum and BTC – as the protocol changes are being used to exert power.h