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2020-07-13 15:25:10
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  • j"1NF7i6ZoMDXaJ2Q5M9QFriH74ya6r6vP8uB, MAP and AIPMiTwetch transactions use 3 protocols piped together using the [Bitcom pipe convention]( The 3 protocols are: * [B - Bitcoin Simple Storage Protocol]( - Stores the twetch file data * [MAP - Magic Attribute Protocol]( - Contains other twetch-specific attributes and metadata * [AIP - Author Identity Protocol]( - Contains author signature and pubkey If you want a really easy way of decoding the transactions, you could use [Operate]( which uses functions on the blockchain to decode all these protocols. I [wrote this article]( which has an embedded console on the page and instructions for loading and parsing twetch transactions using Operate.