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2024-01-19 19:14:50
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  • jm $Please Help me get back my Daughter!Mª So I will make this short as I can. I keep to myself and never done my ex wife any harm at all what happened is I after we put our dog down i went over the next week gave my kids some roses and a rest in doggy heaven gift to give to mom. Well next week I went over and there was a notepad in there so me being me I opened it up. An upon opening it up what I read was a bit shocking to me. So what happens instead is she goes batshit crazy on me screaming kicks me out on my day I was suppose to pickup my daughter & I also have a Son but I don't have legal rights to him as i'm not on the birth certificate. So instead she puts a TPO on me this TPO cleared cuz I live in ohio and it is a mother state and whatever these girls say here goes because its just easy money for the courts system to make. Well I went full blown autistic on learning law and PaRENTs under legal definition is not what i'm going to be using I will be going in acting Pro Per and representing the Estate of MY NAME here and saying my rights as a father were stripped away and since charges come with bills and the time that was lost in raising my daughter is priceless to me I'm going to enact a bill for $250k per day that the court system legally and originally placed upon my rights to see my child. Since this is within the FDIC insurance and the amount of mental stress to where I got nearly suicidal. I lost my job because of this i've learned enough about law that I would pass a BAR exam but what I realized is I dont want to be on the BAR I want to be on the side of the people and build a legal council representative but given me fighthing this tri-county area they have exhausted all my funds and have railroaded me making this extremely difficult to get my sovereign rights back. I have lost my vehicile back to living at moms house at 33 years old... I'm asking for any kind of help towards a cause that I will pay back double if I win the case and my bills are recognized in the state of ohio's county court level. I found out i'm a skip person in the estates which comes with a tax free break on each bond made in my name so i've been a gold mine for these guys and they attack me every chance they get... Enough is enough and i'm putting my foot down however they have denied me my due process of rights multiple times now and now its proving to be a task that I do need to find someone whos in enough with the system to handle my due process to make sure its done the way I see fit.