Below is a list of fun/interesting things in the BSV blockchain. Some are historical firsts, others are just fun or cool.

2018-11-15*** First block mined with Satoshi Vision ***Block #556766-
2019-01-03First block mined that was greater than 99MB but ended up as orphaned blockBlock
2019-01-03Second block mined that was greater than 99MB. It also set the record for the highest number of transactions in a block (460,400)Block
2019-01-23First 17KB OP_RETURNTx
2019-01-24Image in op_returnTx 768792e4b43ca09578ed26b...-
2019-03-28Block greater than 113MBBlock
2019-03-29Block greater than 124MBBlock
2019-03-29Block greater than 127MBBlock
2019-06-21First Metanet root nodeTx writes coinbase tag to celebrate 20 million WeatherSV transactionsTx